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CUSTOMized training tailored to FIT your unique workforce needs. Did we mention we pay up to 40% of the cost? Yes, you read that right. No need to pinch yourself.

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Endless Training Possibilities

Funding Up to 40% of training costs may be paid for your company

Business Software

What software do you need to learn?

Tooling U

...and more...


Do you need additional certifications?

Six Sigma
Forklift Training
First Aid

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Professional Development

Looking for Leadership/Organization Skills?

Customer Service
Time Management
Diversity and Equity
High Achievement
The Success Cycle
Positive Mindset
Empowered Leadership
Great Work

...and more...

...and more

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What Our Clients Say

  • Enrolling in the Custom Fit program is a No-Brainer. Where else can you reduce costs and increase benefits all while working with a team that goes out of their way to help you succeed.

    Salmon Electric Trent Hodgson
  • Custom fit has been a game changer for Salmon Electric. The program has increased the benefit we can offer to our employees, reduced the costs of educating all of our team, improved our safety culture, and helped us to develop our electricians into some of the best tradesmen in the state. The program also has some of the best staff I have ever worked with. This program is a home run for the state. Bravo!

    Salmon Electric Trent Hodgson
  • Hughes General Contractors has enjoyed the benefits of Custom Fit Funding for the past 8 years. It has provided opportunities for training that we would not have taken advantage of without Custom Fit Funding. It has helped us have a trained workforce which makes our employees more productive and safe. The Custom Fit Funding staff at Davis Tech has been a great support to help us find the Customized Training that our employees are in need of.

    Hughes General Contractors Rick Ellertson, Training Director

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