Executive Leadership Series

A six-session series designed to bolster communications, evolve companies, and elevate leadership skills

Kevin Ames (1)


presented by Kevin Ames
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Becoming a highly effective leader is a journey. From the original desire to build a successful organization to the realization of the results we seek, effective leadership is the key. In this dynamic workshop you will discover the path to highly effective leadership and the critical steps to take along the way.

In this workshop you will learn: The Five Steps to a Successful Journey

  • How to begin the journey: the starting place of all achievement
  • The power of influence; and the 3 keys to achieving it
  • The real definition of engagement; and how to get it
  • The collective power that leads to great culture
  • The secret to sustained organizational success

Come prepared for an interactive, insightful, and inspiring learning experience!


“When you were made a leader, you weren’t given a crown, you were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others.” – Jack Welch
Spencer Holt 1

Accelerating Team Performance

presented by Spencer Holt
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"Alone We Can Do So Little. Together We Can Do So Much" – Helen Keller

The ability to bring out the best in yourself, and others, is essential to being a leader who’s capable of cultivating high-performing teams. In this session we will explore what the most successful leaders do to take teams from good to great. Each leader will walk away with tangible tools and steps to change both the culture and performance of their teams.

  • High Performing teams – what is your role?
  • Why belonging matter in high performing teams?
  • Teamwork in a virtual world - what is different?
  • Aspiring 10x growth
Jonathan Nabrotzky 1

Coaching Organizational Culture

presented by Jonathan Nabrotzky
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COACHING ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE - Keys to Implementing Transformational Change
Key Objectives
- Cover the Reality Model - Where Change Happens
- Cover The four keys to creating the right culture
- What you measure
- What you emphasize
- What you teach
- How you lead
- How to apply this to your business and leadership style
Joshua Adams 1

Shield to the Left Leadership

presented by Joshua Adams
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Every leader should always be judged by two standards: The results they achieved through the people they lead, and the way those results were achieved.  During this training participants will learn how to adopt an effective way of leading known as the “Shields to the Left” principle.  Topics include:

  • Etymological and anthropological studies and examples from high-performing cultures and organizations
  • The phalanx method of developing, training, and implementing team strengths
  • The role of self-sacrifice within the scope of highly effective leadership and team performance
  • The Perspective Approach 4E Process of forging cultural standards
Adam Rampton 1

Achieving Organizational Health

presented by Adam Rampton
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“Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in any business.” ~ Patrick Lencioni

Achieving organizational health is more important now than ever.  In an rapidly changing VUCA, post-pandemic world, organizational health is essential to successfully navigating paradox to create both short and long-term value.  In this session, we will discuss 4 actionable principles that create healthy organizations.  Leaders will explore real world examples, frameworks, and tools they can implement to increase value creation and organization performance.

  1. Alignment: Outside-in approach to strategy creation & clarity
  2. Leadership: Creating the desired employee & customer experience to achieve the strategy
  3. Execution: Power of Commander’s Intent
  4. Renewal: Overcoming Organizational Viruses
Rob Jeppsen 1

The Immutable Laws of Elite Sales Leadership

presented by Rob Jeppsen
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Over the last 19 months, 74% of all companies have changed the way they buy. But only 17% have changed the way they sell and less than 5% have changed the way they lead their sales teams.

Rob Jeppsen has won 18 Stevie Awards for Sales Leadership and is the coach to many of the world's most successful sales leaders worldwide. Join him in this highly interactive session as he shares how to make how you lead your most impactful and most defensible competitive advantage.

In this session, attendees will be introduced to 6 laws proven to create impact in high-performing sales organizations worldwide. Attendees will be introduced to "Immutable Laws" they can use immediately in their own sales environments.

Since sales is a "winner take all" environment, small improvements often result in disproportionate results. This session will provide every attendee with tactical insights to help them create these meaningful improvements quickly.

Elite Sales Leaders create life-changing impact with the people they lead. Join us and leave with a new commitment to sales leadership and new insights about how to best engage those you lead.

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What Our Clients Say

  • I have several examples of the powerful words and examples that were spoken and how they can be applied in real-time. I am actively applying a lot of the concepts we discussed.

    Davis Technical College Amanda Hollingsworth, Director of Service Professions and Academic Development Programs (3)
  • I really liked the instructors, the content.

    Lifetime Mitch Johnson, Engineer Category Director
  • I feel like it was high impact and in a large part due to time and frequency. Any more spread out and you lose the accountability, even though I hated the accountability factor.

    Lifetime Wes Guy, Logistics Director (2)